CJR Fabrication (previously Oval Stainless) has been based in Poole for many years now. We work in both the Marine and Architectural markets producing round and our specialised Oval Tube in Stainless steel 316, as well as various aluminium products. Our highly trained staff including designers, admin, fabricators, welders and polishers understand that every single piece of equipment you commission has to do much more than simply work well. That is why every stainless steel or aluminium component we make is crafted to complement the aesthetic beauty of your project and will retain its strength, practicality and beauty for life.

Alongside our tube based business, we have for many years specialised in producing tanks for all kinds of applications from fuel (including LPG and oil) and water (fresh, grey and black) to autoclaves for the tobacco industry. All our diesel tanks are made in compliance with ISO 21487 specification and are CE marked accordingly.